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Sanaa’s Gourmet Mediterranean

Sanaa Abourezk’s Heritage and History Stepping inside the warmly lit dining room, one becomes engulfed by the smell of garlic and Mediterranean cuisine. The yellow walls and intricately patterned lamps hanging from the sky blue ceiling create a unique atmosphere of warmth and texture. “I did the tiles Italian so it’s easy to clean and…

Seafood Sustainability. Or Lack Thereof.

How can I describe something that can’t be described in words because of the intricate flavor it possesses? Yes, you guessed it. I am talking about salmon. Rolled into sushi, layered on top of a bagel, or eaten plain with an original glaze, salmon grabs the spotlight in every meal. According to Environmental Impact of…

The Importance of a Garden

A garden can be an outdoor classroom for a self-taught learner, one’s very own farmer’s market, an escape into the natural world, and a meditation room to bask in the glow of the summer sun. Picking weeds and harvesting vegetables can also be used as a consequence after one gets caught in an act of…

Sustainability of Coffee

Whether meeting with friends at a coffee shop or needing that caffeine boost of adrenaline while studying for exams, coffee is an essential part in many college students’ lives. First used to keep myself awake to cram for midterms my freshman year, I now look forward to each morning when I can indulge in the…


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About Me

Hi! I’m Ana, student at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD. I am majoring in journalism and environmental studies with an emphasis in agriculture sustainability, and minoring in American Sign Language. I am passionate about creating original and sustainable recipes to reduce my environmental impact. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey to a more sustainable life. For more recipes and ideas, check out my food instagram: foodalicious_yum.

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